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“POOR BOYS!” September 22, 2009

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When a Girl Cries ————The World “Consoles” her

But when a boy cries ———- They say Come on man

don’t be A “Girl”

If A Girl slaps a Boy ———– Definitely the Boy would have “done something”

If Boy Slaps a girl ———— — Rascal doesn’t know how to “Respect Ladies”

If a Girl is talking to Boys

—– She is “Very Friendly”

If a Boy talks to a Girl

———- He is “flirting”

If a Girl meets with accident ———— ——–

Then its “mistake of others”

If a Boy meets with same accident ———–? – –?——

“Don’t you know how to Drive”

What A World Is this

Please help us God..


Guru Gyan…!!! September 21, 2009

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Never drink while driving.You could spill your beer.

Some bosses are like clouds: the minute they disappear,the day suddenly gets brighter.

To err is human,to blame someone for your problem is strategic.

Your future depends on your dreams.Dont waste time and Go to bed NOW!!


BOSS KIDNAPPED….. September 18, 2009

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Employees of a Company are all worried. Some are roaming around. Some are in
loud discussions during office time…..

Some Trainees, who had just joined, notice this and enquire about what happened
to a senior employee, they ask, “What’s going on?”

“Terrorists have kidnapped our Boss”

They’re asking for Rs.10 Crores (2 MILLIOn US $) ransom, otherwise they’re going to
douse him with petrol and set him on fire.

We’re going from desk to desk, taking up a collection.”

One Trainee asks, “How much is everyone giving, on average?


“About 1 liter.”


WOMEN = Problems — proved mathematically !!! toooo gud lol September 17, 2009

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News reporter…. September 15, 2009

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A man sees a woman getting chased by a dog in chandni chowk area of New

When the dog is about to bite the woman, the man intervenes and kicks the

A Times of India reporter was seeing all this.

He said”That was great.

I’ll definitely publish this in our newspaper.

Tomorrow the headline will be ‘LOCAL HERO SAVES LADY FROM A DOG’.”

The man replied “Thank you, but I’m not from here. I am from US”.

Reporter said ” OK. Then the headline will be US CITIZEN SAVES WOMAN FROM A

Man: Actually, I live in US but I’m not a US citizen.

I’m a Pakistani national by origin”.

Next day, the headline in the paper read





Pakistani Terrorist ATTACKS A LOCAL DOG.


Same service!!!

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A Husband Visited a marriage counselor and said,

“When we were first married, I would come home from the office, my wife would bring my slippers and our cute little dog would run around barking. Now after ten years it`s all different. I come home, the dog brings the slippers and my wife runs around barking.”
“Why complain?” said the counselor, “You re still getting the same service!”


INDIAN WAY… September 14, 2009

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Indian way of doing Business

Three contractors are bidding to fix a broken fence at the White House in

Washington D.C. One from Bangladesh , another from India and the third, from China .

They go with a White House office to examine the fence.

The Bangladesh contractor takes out a tape measure and does some measuring,

then works some figures with a pencil. “Well”, he says, “I figure the job will run about $900. ($400 for materials, $400 for my team and $100 profit for me)”.

The Chinese contractor also does some measuring and figuring, then says, “I can do this job for $700. ($300 for materials, $300 for my team and $100 profit for me)”.

The Indian contractor doesn’t measure or figure, but leans over to the White House official and whispers, “$2,700.”

The official, incredulous, says, “You didn’t even measure like the other guys! How did you come up with such a high figure?”

The Indian contractor whispers back, “$1000 for me, $1000 for you, and we

hire the guy from China to fix the fence.”

“Done!” replies the government official.