MaujGaadi – the beautiful journey of life™ !!!!!

all about social happiness

What is MaujGaadi ??? September 8, 2009

The concept of MaujGaadi™ is very similar to our everyday life…. moments come like stations – some good, some bad. Sometimes we get stuck in a problem like we rest at some station for sometime. But ultimately, we have to keep moving on. Because:

Success is not permanent and Failure is not final.

It depends entirely on us how we decide to travel the journey of life – with happiness or sadness. If you are happy then you can make everyone happy – as spreading happiness makes for joyful moments that last forever.

This platform is for sharing your everyday experiences – be it good or bad, for sharing your problems and how you deal with them.

Our sole goal is My Social Happiness™. At the end of the day, you must gain something from internet surfing.

MaujGaadi™ will try to put a sincere and honest effort to fill your every moment with happiness and support.




Come share your experiences ,happiness and every daily happenings.

Join Us  –       

Free ticket to every one who wants to enjoy the lovely and hilarious journey of life…..


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